Warrior Zone Competitions

We are excited to host a Season III RNL Qualifier on 

Saturday, May 22nd

RNL Season III Qualifier

Registration: $35

Tentative Wave Times:
9AM: Kids 
10AM: Mature Kids 
11AM: Preteens 
12:30PM: Teens 
2PM: Young Adults 
3PM: Adults 
The Recreational Ninja League is the baby sister to National Ninja League. These competitions are designed to prepare beginners for advanced competitions. Athletes will face 10-20 obstacles and will be awarded one point for each obstacle completed and winners will be determined by who gets the most points in the shortest amount of time.
Awards will follow each division. Run order is determined by NNL. Register by May 21st.  Anyone registered after this date will be first in the run order.












Important things to note: 

- Age for NNL is determined on the age a competitor is on February 21, 2021.

- Each athlete will need a Ninjaworks ID 

(for first-time NNL competitors, please see https://www.nationalninja.com/athleteid.html )

-A waiver is required to compete. Each individual will need a Warrior Zone waiver 

completed and a season 6 NNL waiver completed.

Find the NNL Waiver Here: https://www.nationalninja.com/