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John & Ashley Holloman

John and Ashley Holloman are the owners of Warrior Zone. They have 2 incredible children, Luke and Gracyn. Their ninja journey started when John had the opportunity to participate on the show American Ninja Warrior! John has always been very active and loves to climb and swing on things, so ninja is a perfect fit! As a family, we asked God to guide us in the next step with our ninja journey after the show. We knew God had a plan and purpose for leading us into the love of ninja as a family. We didn’t know it would lead to us owning a ninja gym, but it did and for that we are very  grateful! We want to help people grow to love the sport of ninja! We hope to create an environment of encouragement and inspiration too.  Ninja has opened many doors for our family. John has had opportunities not only to participate in various Ninja events and competitions, but also to speak at different events and churches.  If you would like to know more about how Warrior Zone came to be feel free to ask John or Ashley. They would love to share the details with you. We hope to meet you soon! 

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Colin Sparling

Head Ninja Coach

Colin has played multiple sports throughout his life such as soccer, lacrosse, track, and swimming.  After high school, he discovered calisthenics and handstands, realized his passion for fitness and quickly became addicted to testing what the human body is capable of.  About 2 years ago, he set foot in a ninja gym for the first time and immediately fell in love with the sport.  He spent a year as head coach at Skylands Ninja Warrior before moving to Greenville. Coach Colin holds a UNAA Level 1 certification.


Daniel Torres

Assistant Ninja Coach

Bio Coming Soon!

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